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What I do

Website Design

I like to take a clean and user centric approach to website design, focusing on typography, UX and cross-device techniques like responsive web design.

Web Development

Developing user friendly and engaging websites since 2002. From design to deployment, I'm constantly evolving my skillset, tools and refining workflow.


WordPress is my CMS platform of choice for bespoke website development. I like to get into the nuts and bolts of the system to leverage powerful and flexible content management features.

JavaScript & jQuery

From subtle animations to virtual environments, interactive infographics and games; I have used JavaScript and the jQuery framework to bring websites to life and make the web less ordinary.


I've delivered bespoke e-commerce websites and themes, integrated with user-friendly product management features and various payment gateways.


My strong background in PHP/MySQL and server-side programming allows for a variety of bespoke projects including custom built portals and intranet systems.

3D Modelling

From product and display visualation to character animation and virtual scenes, I have created 3D objects and animations used in a wide variety of web and digital projects.

Web Marketing

Strong SEO is integral to numerous aspects of web development. I have delivered many SEO, PPC and HTML Email campaigns with measurable ROI.


I have a good mix of AS3 programming and animation skills. Despite being a dying technology, Flash is still used for banners, animations and games.

NTU Virtual Open Day

jQuery • Virtual World • Animation • XML

Whack the Bills game

jQuery • Parallax • Basic Physics

Planet LJMU

jQuery • Virtual World • Animation • PHP

Imiris Recruitment

Bespoke WordPress • Job Search


Here you'll find a selection of some recent web projects I've developed. I'm lucky to be working alongside talented designers & web developers at Nottingham based creative agency m360.

MBS Virtual Open Day

Flash • XML • 3D • Animation

m360 Creative Agency

Bespoke Joomla • Animated Infographics

Twitter Job Search

Side Project • jQuery

Germinal Amenity

Bespoke eCommerce • Custom CMS

Fancy Fresher

eCommerce • WordPress • WooCommerce

Bonington Gallery

RWD • WordPress

EMT Photo Book

Flash • 3D • Custom Page Turning

From the Blog

06 Feb 2015

Adding a featured image column for posts & pages in WordPress

A run though of how to add the featured thumbnail image column to pages, posts and custom post types in WordPress admin view. Code and examples given.

Adding a featured image column to posts and pages »

22 Jan 2015

Removing columns from pages & posts such as Type, Author & Comments

How to remove different columns in WordPress page, post and custom post type views. Examples include removing 'Type', 'Comments' and 'Author' columns

Removing columns WordPress posts and pages »

01 Jan 2015

Creating a Twitter Search & Analytics tool

A brief overview into some of the technical aspects in creating a more complex Twitter tool and some of the decisions I faced when creating socialbearing.com

Building a Twitter search tool »

19 Sep 2014

Preventing widows and orphans in websites

Looking at how we can prevent widows (or orphans) for regular flowing text on a website. Solution uses jQuery.

Preventing widows on websites »

19 Aug 2014

Check if any checkboxes are selected in jQuery

A jQuery function that will check all checkboxes in a specific form on form submit and give an alert if no checkboxes are selected.

Check if any checkboxes are selected »

08 Aug 2014

Shorter JavaScript console.log function

A simple, JavaScript function that saves time typing 'console.log' that is compatible with Internet Explorer 8

console.log function »

05 Aug 2014

Changing WooCommerce ‘Cart’ text sitewide

Short tutorial with source code showing how the standard 'cart' text can be changed sitewide in WooCommerce. This includes 'add to cart', 'view cart', 'update cart' and other language translations.

Change 'cart' text in WooCommerce »

31 Jul 2014

Parse XML with jQuery & AJAX for a select list

A tutorial with code explanations showing how an XML file can be parsed with jQuery and AJAX to generate a select list.

Parse XML with jQuery & AJAX »

24 Jul 2014

19 ways to improve the speed of your WordPress website

Various tips and tricks to help increase your WordPress speed scores to over 95% as measured by Google PageSpeed Insights

Increase WordPress website speed »

14 Jul 2014

Move W3 Total Cache JS & CSS to the footer

Code snippets and description showing how to move minified JavaScript and CSS to the footer that have been created by W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress.

Move JS and CSS to footer »

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Tom Elliott Web Developer Profile Pic
Me aged 2.5

Hello, I'm Tom Elliott - a full-time, full-stack web developer. I've been creating things for the web for over 11 years, since those crazy days of IE 6, Flash websites and table based layouts.

Today, I work in Nottingham as a senior web developer at creative agency m360, alongside talented individuals on a range of web projects.

In my free time you might find me supping an ale or two, talking shop @secwed (and with anyone who might listen) or immersed in a good sci-fi read.

Feel free to get in touch with any comments or find me on Twitter @tomwebdev.